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From the Hills and mountains of Shaolin, five monks joined to create an  art to rival the stolen Shaolin martial art tactics by a traitor monk who passed it to a vast opposing army. Sadly  out numbered,  and with the devious burning of Shaolin, they  scattered.

Ng Mui challenged the traitor to fightng on Shaolins tall poles, where her Crane balance made her victor. Later  Ng Mui took  on a  lady student  called, Yim.

Being attractive, she needed to fight off opportunists and low lifes. In return, Ng Mui bestowed and gave her the name title - Wing Chun,  meaning forever springtime, where its true meaning is forever goodness growth  with nature and its laws of Physics, Mathematics, and the laws of the human body. Hence the name Yim Wing Chun.

Wing Chun passed its lineage to Foshan, where Ip Man took Wing Chuns base to Hong Kong. With thanks to Ip Mans  second teacher, Leung Bik. The family style of the famous Leung Jan, and greatest Wing Chun details where kept  alive because of Ip Man. Through his hands, we  touch every Master of Wing Chun in History, from every teacher to student.

Wing Chun is built on ethics, morals and love of nature, with moral lessons from Confucious etc…

What if Wing Chun is not in my area ?

Sadly authentic Wing Chun Schools are rare. Sometimes, to find what you are looking for, you need to go where your goals are, and opportunities will let you teach back in your area.

We recommend being careful with your research. As is, in most industries, same rivals promote purpose lies and half truths to get an underhanded edge . Normally they are not endorsed by any real teacher.

Some claim famous teachers from a seminar but this does not make them, an official student , nor any official level , nor right to use a teachers name as accepted student. Fakes are sadly in every industry and they fake many things.

 We recommend learning from a qualified teacher  in your area, instead of a self claimed/self made teacher.

We also recommend finding helpful teachers,  instead of hate tuition, to cause public assault.

A good instructor will promote good mental options, not mental  options, that will put you in jail.

Teaching  your self can take many years, where a  real Teacher, can advance you 10 fold in a fraction of the time.

Life events, cause adrenalin for you to access everything you know.

 Being able to access something you have acquired, even years ago, will give you an advantage.

Control your self so you do not  cross the line. When things are bad, understand, they can get much worse.

Sometimes, if pain is not great enough,       you are not motivate, to imagine /move forward to a new goal/need.

Pain stops you thinking. Have a great meal, a good sleep, something fun, and then dream and make a plan that involves fun.  Progress comes without doing bad  things that moment a spiral Karma.

Good things bring good rewards.  Pick up your, family and friends.

 The Selfish eventually find themselves in an empty room.

So many people need help now, you have many more opportunities to be a helpful person.

Make your  forefathers happy in your good works .

The big picture is the truth. Reality gives you options. Enjoy Wing Chun fun.

Fairness  eludes, without defenders.

Where the protectors did not protect, the regulators did not regulate, and the defenders did not defend.

Shame and tragedy.

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