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What is Lineage.

Normally this is where, a student claims an accepting Teacher,  and a Teacher claims a qualified student,

who both actually know each other.  

 Today,   many are made up of the self proclaimed.

 Where no one claims them, but they claim themselves  and some claim a name, not theirs.

 To put on a Bruce Lee suite on,  and hope it scares away an opponent with Bruce Lees imitation  image, is not very clever.

especially if for  glory, or money, or both.

I met a fellow once, who ran a Martial Arts Store in Sydney, and he said he was a

Wing Chun Teacher ! I asked of  his Teacher, and he said he learnt out of a Book.

Now I was impressed with his honestly and his students knew his depth, so i asked of nothing else.

I realised a true lineage student who has met Wing Chun hands, find their Teachers

 hands, touched Ip Mans Sons hands, and Ip Man Sons hands learnt through  Ip Mans hands,

 who touched other unique lineage, Teachers hands, all the way back  to histories beginnings.

Unfortunately, the self taught book student and also , self proclaimed teacher, only touched the hands

 of the book, and never personally met  the true wonder of Wing Chuns energises or health increasing fun.

The Self Proclaimed.

Many people in Bruce Lee days were self proclaimed in various different styles, and Bruce Lee stated,

 he was very disappointed with some  styles, he met who used martial tricks,  for obtaining money.

Similar like a Chinese knock off, of a Chinese wonder , by many dreaming wanna bees.

Bruce Lee went on to make the first action movies, without flying wires and tricks, which were used to amaze others.

Some, self proclaim for money and status fame, and some to friends. But like saying you can ride a bike, your

friend will one day give you a bike to see.

When Ip Man brought Wing Chun to Hong Kong, no one knew what Wing Chun was, so no one would self proclaimed any Wing Chun.

 Today, Ip Man and Bruce Lee would be amazed, so many self proclaimed, Teach Wing Chun,  and only the minority here are true qualified made teacher and Lineage.

Regardlessly, the question is,  is the self proclaimed teacher helpful or Godly ?, Doing good or exploiting ? Do they say their member ship certificate,  is a teacher certificate ?

If they are under handed, in advertisement or devil (translate - slander) words and part  truths, Wing Chun  Jo Fen,   knows  they are not worthy.   Ie What is, is,  regardless of chosen name. Jo Fen says bad should be known by its name and not anothers earnt name.

Being with a  bad habit,  can bring many bad events.

Wing Chun wishes bad to turn around, and stop being under handed, and for all, to  progress, in a positive,  fair way, as team, and all can bring good example,  to honour Wing Chun,  instead of using Wing Chun, only  to honour yourself status.

If a good person loses vs a bad person, it does not matter as much, as the fact, that, this being,  is a good person.

Two or more,  good people,  who are at war, is a tragedy.

When the bad die, not many, if any , care. When good die,  they are fore ever  greatly  missed and pained.

Lineage brings people together in commonality of  comradity, but those who rob any style of Martial Art,

should show,  they know the basics at least,  and how to ride a bike,  in more than a straight line.













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