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 028 424 3415

 direct from Cantonese, Hong Kong, Ip Man indoor home and  Ip Mans Sons Lineage .


We bring opportunities to learn Ip Man and Bruce Lee tactics and skills

 from Ip Mans school in Hong Kong.

Our Sifu Brooks lived and trained, at Ip Man and Bruce Lees home town of Hong Kong.

 He has done Wing Chun for 29 years and has been Certified Wing Chun levels and also Teacher Certified

by Ip Man Sons family style

 Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Chun lines at  Ip Mans home and school.

 We are an abnormal MMA because we also offer weapon skills to body guarding tactics etc.

We teach many fun skills that also help in other sports.

Train without,   intensions of hate, as many things in life can be done without  unhealthy  hate. Train your reactions to positive vs detramental.

We are very  rare in NZ and this  is a time to enjoy  a hobby that can empower your Defender skills, for family  and friends, while  acquiring  skills that make you   unique.

Play when ready